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P0158 - Heated Oxygen Sensor (HO2S) Circuit High Voltage Bank 2 Sensor 2

 P0158 - Heated Oxygen Sensor 

(HO2S) Circuit High Voltage Bank 2 Sensor 2

P0158 inconvenience code definition 

Oxygen Sensor Circuit High Voltage (Bank 2 Sensor 2) 

What the P0158 code implies 

The P0158 inconvenience code seems when the sensor has stayed at a high voltage for a really long time. 

This oxygen sensor is situated behind the exhaust system. It sends data to the force control module (PCM) about the effectiveness and delivered oxygen levels of the exhaust system. 

At the point when a motor is running lean, it implies that there is more oxygen than fuel in the exhaust gases. At the point when the motor is running rich, it implies that there is more fuel than oxygen in the exhaust gases. 

In the event that the sensor is working appropriately it changes from low voltage (significant degrees of oxygen) to a high voltage (low degrees of oxygen). 

What causes the P0158 code? 

Bombed back oxygen sensor 

Bombed back oxygen sensor warmer circuit 

Motor coolant temperature sensor terrible 

Shorts, breaks, or uncovered oxygen sensor wiring 

Extreme fuel pressure 

Fundamental force control module (PCM) update 

Disappointment of the force control module (PCM) 

What are the side effects of the P0158 code? 

Check Engine Light will come on 

Diminished mileage 

Motor runs unpleasant 

Motor standbys unpleasant 

Motor slows down 

How does a repairman analyze the P0158 code? 

A repairman will utilize an OBD-II scanner to pull all current difficulty codes that have been put away by the force control module (PCM). 

The live information for the oxygen sensor on the scanner is checked on. They will check the voltage perusing to check whether the oxygen sensor changes from low voltage to high voltage at regular intervals. 

At the point when a motor coolant temperature sensor inconvenience code is available also, the live information on the scanner is checked for legitimate motor temperature. 

The wiring of the back oxygen sensor is checked for shorts, breaks, or openness. 

Test the fuel strain to check whether it is higher than ordinary. 

Run maker finding systems on the force control module (PCM) to decide if it should be supplanted or refreshed. 

Normal missteps when diagnosing the P0158 code 

Supplanting the oxygen sensor prior to thinking about other vital fixes 

Not appropriately anticipating the wires for any shorts, breaks, or openness 

How genuine is the P0158 code? 

The P0158 inconvenience code is considered genuine in case it is making the vehicle slow down. This issue ought to be addressed quickly to stay away from drivability issues. 

What fixes can fix the P0158 code? 

Supplant the back oxygen sensor 

Fix any oxygen sensor wires that have shorted out, are broken or uncovered 

Make fundamental fixes to cure the over the top fuel pressure. 

Supplant motor coolant temperature sensor in case it is essential 

Supplant or update power control module (PCM), if essential

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