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sensor car ki engine me laga hua rahata hai kya kaam karte hai


alautocar car sensor


sensors used in car engines koch sensor jo ki car ki engine me laga hua rahata hai kya kaam karte hai yae sensor or in ke matlabs samjhte hai or bi bahut se sensor lage rahteye koch sensore ke name hai ye wo sensor hai jo ki bahut jiyda use hote hai

01 Air–fuel Ratio Meter Monitors the correct air-fuel ratio for an engine

02 Engine Speed Sensor Monitors engine speed

03 Throttle Position Sensor Monitors the position of the throttle in an engine

04 Crank Position Sensor Monitors piston’s TDC position in engine

05 Cam Position Sensor Monitors position of valves in engine

06 Knock Sensor Detects engine knocking because of timing advance

07 Engine Coolant Temperature Sensor Measures the engine temperature

08 Manifold Absolute Pressure or MAP Sensor Used to regulate fuel metering

09 Mass Air Flow or MAF Sensor Notifies the mass of air entering the engine to ECU

10 Oxygen / Lambda Sensor Monitors the amount of oxygen in the exhaust

11 Fuel Pressure Sensor Measures Fuel Pressure in the system

12 Vehicle Speed Sensor (VSS) Measures the speed of a vehicle

13 Oil level Sensor the Minimum Oil Level to The Continual

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