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ecm bypass toyota

Toyota Cars ECU, ECM 

Pairing Bypass

how to programing toyota commuter ecu, ecm, immobilizer, system,

but we re recommend use , car scanner programming tools for Coding

and if even,programing not successful,if you are not available tools

 install program,to try this on method,can line can communication,

check car battery fully charged,first( 1) of ,remove battery ground 

cable ,five minutes ,1-2- minutes,disconnect and connect after 2 minutes 

battery cable,(2) step, obd port connector ,can-data bus wiring,

check on image diagram, ..>> number 4-_to 13<<< darcut cable (3

step,ignition on car , and check on dashboard lights flashing, check engine

light,srs airbag light, and more lighrs flashing on meter,wait for 30 minutes.

after 30 minutes is ,ignition of , remove jumper cables , in obd after,

2 minutes ignition on car, check,car security system light off ,if in your

cars immobilizer system light off, programming successful don

 toyota ecu bypass ecu em bypas

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