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Suzuki B1060-15 Error Code driver air bag (1st stage)

Maruti suzuki error codes   B1060-15 Air 

Bag (SRS) dtc code


 Hello }  This car Maruti Suzuki , Suzuki baleno Swift Ertiga  and more any Maruti Suzuki and Suzuki brand cars  if showing cluster meter on dashboard SRS airbag symbols light   showing this error code   first scanning your car  and then check DTC error trouble codes it's showing the same trouble code if showing the same  B1060-15  trouble good   check clock spring  in this case in this case faulty clock spring   and  sometimes  clock spring problem car horn also not working thank you 

                 B1060-15  circuit shorted to power supply Suzuki

 Agar aapki kar mein cluster meter ke andar SRS airbag ki light show kar rahi hai to sabse pahle aapko car scanning karna chahie Uske bad error code kya dikha raha hai uske hisab se check karna chahie Agar   B1060-15  same error code a Raha Hai Tu Steering Wheel open karke a iska clock spring check karna chahie clock spring ka fault rahata hai hi Iske uske andar Jab yah error code Aata Hai thank you

 Suzuki B1060-15 Error Code driver air bag (1st stage)

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